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Dr. Tharushka Naidoo

The holistic nature of homeopathy means each person is treated as a unique individual and their body, mind, spirit and emotions are all considered in the management and prevention of disease.

Taking all these factors into account a homeopath will select the most appropriate medicine based on the individual’s specific symptoms and personal level of health to stimulate their own healing ability.

Articles By Dr. Tharushka Naidoo

MSM: The Energy, Beauty & Joint Supplement

MSM is the third largest nutrient found in the human body and is found in all vertebrates. It is already well-known as a natural pain killer and for its joint health benefits, but it is important for a whole host of other reasons as well… Read More

Why you should Detox

Nurturing your digestive system and “cleaning the gut” is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Gut health is the crux of our general physical and mental health. The term detox by definition is a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of… Read More

Types of Allergies

What are allergies? An allergy occurs when your immune system responds aggressively to a harmless environmental substance. There are 2 Types of Allergies: Acute/immediate reaction caused by IgE antibodies. This is a lifelong allergy which cannot be cured and exposure to a small amount of the allergen can be life threatening. Chronic… Read More

What Is Homeopathy?

What is Homeopathy?  Homeopathy is a natural and holistic system of medicine that aims to remove the cause of a disease or an illness, as opposed to alleviate or suppress its’ symptoms. Often, we assume that we are ill once we exhibit signs and symptoms of a disease. However, our body undergoes processes of attempting to fight… Read More



Tharushka is an empath, she is a healer and her kind intuitive ability shines brightly. Her intention and integrity is perfectly aligned with her health shop.Highly recommended

Debbie Rich

She has been amazing with my children and gives great individualized service and treatment! I would highly recommend her!

Saya Pitham

Always helpful advice, knowledgeable practitioner and friendly service.

Cornelia Cilliers

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